Commercial Solar Systems

Profitable Energy Solution for Australian Businesses

The rising of electricity price is a threat that is posing major challenges for Australian businesses. Switch 2 Solar commercial solar panels offer a solution which can reduce the electricity costs and reduce the risk businesses face while moving forward. Solar energy is a form of renewal energy which is affordable and plays a significant role in any business sustainability program. In addition to this our commercial solar panels offer a wealth of benefits and advantages that include:

  • High Returns On investments
  • Immediate Electricity Cost Reduction
  • Reduction of Carbon Emissions
  • Zero Capital Outlay
  • Cash Flow Options Available

Our solar systems are designed can be configured in a rooftop, ground, or carport installation. Whether you are looking for solar panels for factories, offices, educational institutions or any other kind of renewable energy as a saving solution, contact Switch 2 Solar today. Each of our solar component is precision-engineered for long-term reliability, impressive returns followed by fast installations & 24/7 support

The Switch 2 Solar Energy Difference

Switch 2 Solar focus on providing sustainable energy solutions that have commercial benefits and same is shared with the customers when they are planning on making any investment decision. Our sales representative will provide you a full customized proposal that will be based on your present electricity consumption profile along with full assessment of your facilities suitability for commercial solar panels The final audit will comprise of:

  • Net Present Value Analysis (NPV)
  • System Yield
  • Payback Periods
  • Return on Investments

Commercial Solar is a part of financial investment with loads of benefits. It is vital to understand all the necessary elements of this investment including: capital expenditure, maintenance and risk cost, cash flow etc. These elements determine if a project will yield profitable returns and a worthy investment. For commercial solar projects sizing plays a very important part. Oversizing a commercial building can only result in wastage of resources and loss in investments.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Systems

Other than a great financial investment, commercial solar panels are profitable in many forms. Some benefits include:

  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Bold visual statement as to an organisation’s environmental Credentials
  • Reduced energy costs and lower ongoing business risk
  • Competitive advantage

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