Residential Solar Panels

Electricity bills are skyrocketing now a days and homeowners are looking for alternate ways to reduce the energy spending not only to save money but also to contribute to the well being of mother earth. Some switch to energy saving globes and some find sustainable energy sources on their own. An option that gives everyone an option to enjoy significant saving benefits on their electricity bills. Our residential solar panels are the best option if you want to save money and get renewable energy.

Switch 2 Solar is a leading installer of high quality and long lasting solar power systems across Australia. We offer offgrid solar power systems for residential complexes in Victoria, regional NSW and Brisbane in Queensland.

Off-Grid Solar Power Systems for Homes

Switch 2 Solar works on the principle “Quality First” and we apply this approach to all our projects. We select only the best solar panels and combine with our customized design, the highest standard of solar installation in all suburbs of Australia followed by dedicated after sales service.

We completely understand that purchasing solar panels & solar power system is a very big decision. With our consultative and informative approach, we help our clients understand how installing a solar PV system can get rid of those heavy electricity bills

Switch 2 Solar Installation Guide For Homes

  • Pre approval: This process involves selecting the right kind of solar power system for your use. What kind of solar power system are you looking for?
    1. Small capacity pre approval : Simple connection upto 15kW
    2. Large or Complex Capacity Pre-Approval : Complex Connections or greater than 15kW, up to 5MW
  • Installation: Switch 2 Solar team along including a qualified surveyor will visit your home to carry out the assessment to advise the best power system for your residence. We will provide you with the house assessment report with important details of the installation process and price quote. You can go through the report and provide us with your final decision. Only after your approval our team will proceed with the installation system work. When we are done with installation of the solar panels & power system, a certified electrical engineer will visit your home to inspect the working of the system.
  • Connection Paperwork: There are basically three financial options available when you make the switch to home solar power; Outright Purchase, Solar Leasing and Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).Our prompt, accurate paperwork will help ensure a smooth connection process. With Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a homeowner can profit from their roof from day one with a Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

Electricity and Battery Storage - Switch 2 Solar

Our energy saving approach is focused on reducing the amount people spend on their electricity. Whether its is customizing the design of your solar power system to be “battery ready” for storage solutions or providing you with the right electricity tariff to suit your electricity consumption, Switch 2 Solar will help you in every possible to reduce the electricity cost in now and the coming time

If you’d like further information on residential solar panels or off grid solar power systems for homes, contact Switch 2 Solar support team today.

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